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We accept all Insurances

We think it is important that our patients can receive the care they need. We always try to find solutions to keep our care affordable. Our treatments are (partially) reimbursed by most additional insurance policies. We are affiliated with the DCF professional association, which means that our agreements are (partially) reimbursed if it is included in your healthcare package. During the first consult we do an extensive neurological examination, take a posture photo that we analyze and ask questions about your health history. We would love to hear what your goals are that you want to achieve. You can expect advice from us in the areas of health, a good lifestyle and how you can optimally keep your spine. Below you will find some of our chiropractor rates and an overview of the costs.

Chiropractor Costs Breakdown

Initial Consult – (45-50 minutes) – 90 euros

Second Consult – (20 minutes) – 60 euros

After the first 2 consults the prices per consult are:

Normal Visit  –  60 euros

Children (till 16 years old) or Student/Senior Care (65+) – 50 euros

Prepaid care plan of 10 visits (for visits 1-2x per week) – 50 euros

Additional Cost Information
We use a pin machine in our practice. After payment and treatment, you will receive an invoice by e-mail that you can submit for reimbursement to your health insurer. You receive the reimbursement yourself.

Chiropractic Insurance

Dutch Healthcare 2021

Most health insurance policies offer an allowance for the costs of appointments at the chiropractor in the supplementary package. The document below provides an overview of the reimbursement for chiropractic care provided by various health insurers. The chiropractor of Lighthouse Health is affiliated with the professional association DCF (Dutch Chiropractic Federation) and our adjustments are therefore eligible for reimbursement with all health insurance policies fit is included in the patient’s insurance package.

You can find our fees on our rates page.

Below is a list of insurances that cover chiropractic care this year. If you are uncertain if your insurance covers chiropractic care, please get in touch with your health care provider.

Dutch Healthcare Chiropractic Insurance 2021